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Based on true story...

In 2020, my husband and myself decided to set up a mechanic business in Brisbane, given our frustration with our own cars and the lack of professionalism we had experienced with the mechanic places we used to take our cars for servicing and repairs.


As an immigrant family, coming from Brazil, we had enough things to deal with on a daily basis. The last thing we needed was to pay for a service and get more problems in return. In addition, we value our time. So why should we be wasting time with companies that don’t do their jobs well?


As you know, owning a car is about safety, is about reliability, and it even comes down to simple things like taking our kids to school, knowing they’re going to be safe and we’re going to get there on time.


Back then, It felt like a car instead of making our lives easier, was actually becoming a burden. We didn’t want that to continue.


So today, we’re very proud to own a family-owned mechanic place that actually solves people’s problems and gives them the peace of mind they deserve.

We value long term relationships, hassle-free services and a friendly smile on all our customers’ faces. We’ve been there before and we know how it feels. 


That’s why we value these things so much.


We’re based in East Brisbane, with easy access coming from anywhere in Brisbane. And as a fully certified mechanic shop, we provide services to all car models.


If you are having trouble with your car at the moment, do not let it turn into a bigger problem. 


Follow these 3 simple steps below:


  1. Get on the phone and talk to us or bring your car

  2. We’ll verify and check everything

  3. You’ll receive a check list, a quote and a timeframe for the service to be completed


You and your family need peace of mind.

Let’s talk now!

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